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Subscribing to Workteam

You can subscribe to Workteam from the Settings tab of the Organization Settings page. Go to Organization Settings by selecting Organization Settings from the avatar dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Workteam application.

In the Modules panel, you will see the list of available modules. Press the SUBSCRIBE button next to the module that you want to subscribe to.

Workteam will prompt you to enter card details. Card information is not stored by Workteam. It is handled exclusively by a secure 3rd party payment provider called Stripe.

To understand your monthly charge, visit the Price calculator and select the modules that you want to subscribe to and enter the relevant number of users. The monthly cost will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You will not be charged for any remaining portion of your trial period.

Every month, you will be billed for the number of users that are shown in the Users tab of the organization settings at the date of each billing period. To avoid being billed for unused user accounts, you must delete them from the Users tab prior to the next billing date.