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Approving Time Off

If you have employees in your organization that report to you then any requests they make for time off will come to you for approval.

When an employee requests time off you will be notified by email and you will also receive a notification in Workteam to prompt you to approve the request.

Both notifications will provide you with a link that will take you straight to a form, which shows the name of the employee requesting time off, along with the dates and type of time off requested. You can approve the request simply by pressing the Approve button. You can add an optional comment, which the requester will receive when they are notified that you have approved or rejected the request.

When you approve their request, the employees time off will appear in the time off calendar, for those users that have permission to see it.

You can view all outstanding time off requests by selecting the Approvals tab in the Time Off module. This view will show outstanding requests made by you and outstanding requests awaiting your approval. Clicking on any of the entries in the Requests awaiting my approval list will show the request form, letting you approve or reject the request.

You can view past requests by selecting Historic approvals from the drop down list in the top banner.