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Reviewing goals

Once the execution period is over, the review period begins. At this time, you will be invited to start reviewing the progress made against your goals during the goal period. A Review button will be shown at the top of the My OKRs page at

When you press the Review button, a screen will be displayed showing all of your goals consecutively in a list. A comments section is shown under each goal. Use this section to describe in more detail how you achieved the goal, what you learnt and the obstacles you overcame.

You can also grade yourself for each goal. Select the appropriate outcome from the grade dropdown.

Once you have done this for each goal, you may submit the review to your manager by pressing the Sumbit button.

Your manager will be prompted to review the grade you have selected and the comments and will have the opportunity to respond with his or her assessment of your progress on the goal, by providing comments and a grade.

Once your manager has completed their review, the review period will be complete.