Transform organizational performance using OKRs and CFR

Combine the power of organizational goal alignment with continuous peer feedback to focus and engage your workforce

Simple and intuitive OKR tool that can help boost productivity

Easy-to-use OKR software to measure what matters

Provide your employees with the clarity they need to set aligned and ambitious goals. When employees understand how what they do contributes to the organization goals they feel more engaged.

Creating alignment of employee and team goals to company strategy ensures that all staff are focused on things that drive the organization in the planned direction.

Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth.

By increasing transparency you help employees make faster and more informed decisions, making the orgranization more nimble and responsive.

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  • How to write effective OKRs
  • How to plan for introducing OKR into your organization or team

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Provide your managers with the ability to coach their staff

Facilitate coaching conversations between manager and their employees and watch their productivity and engagement soar.

Establish a culture of continuous feedback

Companies that establish a system for peer recognition and constructive feedback see greater levels of employee engagement and retention.

Engage your team to collaborate and get things done

Workteam is everything your team needs to plan and track deliverables and achieve great outcomes.

Manage employee time & attendance effectively

Say good riddance to tracking time off using spreadsheets and email.

What is OKR?

Find out what OKR is all about? What are the benefits to using it? And how do you craft effective OKRs?