Align, focus and engage your workforce.

Powerful goal management that helps employees align their goals with company objectives

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OKR based goal management

Align the entire organization

Goals are critical for an organization to be able to give its employees direction and focus. Studies show a dramatic increase in both employee and organization performance when an organization effectively sets goals and encourages its employees to align their goals with the company's overall strategy.

With Workteam, you can make company objectives readily accessible to all staff. Employees will find it easy to create goals that align with managerial, departmental and corporate objectives.

When employees have a clear understanding of company objectives and how what they do aligns with those objectives, they are much more likely to be highly engaged and considerably more productive.

Align the entire organization
OKR based goal management

Facilitate great coaching conversations

The true value of an OKR implementation is realised when employees update their progress on a regular basis. Workteam prompts employees to update their goals and to start a conversation with their manager each week by answering a few simple questions about their work.

By creating an ongoing coaching conversation around an employee's progress, barriers can be removed, opportunities can be seized and expectations can be adjusted when circumstances change.

Facilitate great coaching conversations
OKR based goal management

Deliver amazing insights

See real-time progress of employee goals against aligned objectives across teams, departments and right the way across the organization.

Deliver amazing insights
OKR based goal management

Enable managers to identify blockers

Managers can see at-a-glance if their employees' goals are blocked or "at risk". Workteam lets managers drill down to find out more and connect with the right people on the team to help ensure successful outcomes.

Enable managers to identify blockers

Pricing & Features

Workteam OKR Goal Management
USD/User/Month (billed monthly)
Volume discounts above 50 users. See pricing for accurate pricing based on number of employees

Provides staff with easy access to the organization OKRs, their colleagues' OKRs and team and department OKRs

Configurable options for goal alignment - to manager, team, department or organization OKRs

Effortless bottom-up goal alignment and optional top-down goal cascading

Access Dashboards for insights of progress across teams, departments and the entire organization

Facilitate regular goal status updates through weekly check-ins

Use check-ins to create a culture of coaching

Start and track conversations around any goal across the organization

Optional planner integration

Single sign-on support for Okta, MS Azure AD, IBM Cloud Identity, Auth0 and any other SAML authentication provider

SCIM-based user provisioning and de-provisioning, compatible with Okta and MS Azure Active Directory

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