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How does it work?

Workteam OKR encourages your staff to achieve ambitious goals that are aligned with the company strategy. It encourages transparency and provides a collaborative platform that enables managers to provide feedback and coaching to help their teams achieve successful outcomes.
Organizations that use an effective OKR and feedback tool, such as Workteam, remove barriers to growth and set themselves on a trajectory for hyper-growth.

Watch the video and learn about the transformational power of Workteam OKR.

60 Second Explainer

Easy-to-use OKR software to measure what matters

Provide your employees with the clarity they need to set aligned and ambitious goals. When employees understand how what they do contributes to the organization goals they feel more engaged.

Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth.

By increasing transparency you help employees make faster and more informed decisions, making the orgranization more nimble and responsive.

Ensure staff contribution to company priorities are measurable and produce results that help move the company in the right direction.

When you ask your employees to set themselves challenging goals and not simply goals they know they will achieve, people tend to be more motivated, resulting in higher levels of engagement.
When information is shared openly, hierarchies are lowered and trust increases. Employees feel empowered to make faster, more informed decisions, which positively impacts organization performance.
Empower your staff to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge in a way that helps accelerate performance and growth.

Provide your staff with a platform to give praise and public reecognition to others, which will help drive higher levels of motivation and engagement.

Customer Success Stories

Tasi Gottschlag,
COO, Keela Inc

Prior to using Workteam, CXOs had limited visibility into the issues that staff faced on a daily basis.
"Workteam has helped me recognize progress and reward performers and coach team members that need help. The staff love it!"
Lizzie Sheppard,
Senior HR Executive, More2

Before More2 started using Workteam their staff contributions were not always aligned with the company strategy.
"The value of Workteam has been to help our staff align what they do with the organization's goals."


Communicate company strategy with clarity and without ambiguity

''Access to short, medium and long terms organization goals in one clear view is really helpful for our staff when setting their own goals.''

Tasi Gottschlag, Chief Operating Officer at Keela

Communicating Company Strategy

Effortless goal alignment of employee goals to company strategy

''Workteam has made it easy to ensure our staff are prioritising around goals that align to the company strategy.''

Lizzie Sheppard, Senior HR Executive at More2

Employee Goal Alignment

Provide your managers will the ability to coach their staff

''Workteam has given me insights into the team that I did not have before.''

Tasi Gottschlag, Chief Operating Officer at Keela

Helping Managers Coach Their Staff

Dashboards that provide a helicopter view of goal progress.

Workteam provides a simple consistent dashboard, showing progress across teams, departments and the entire organization. Watch the video to see how it works.

Encourage Transparency

Update key results automatically from integrations.

Workteam integrates with external applications to automatically update key result progress from external data. Watch the video to see how it works.

Update Key Results From External Sources

A powerful platform for giving and receiving peer feedback.

Enabling your staff to give effective feedback helps motivate employees and increases the performance of your teams.

Feedback and Praise

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Workteam OKR Goal Management
USD/User/Month (billed monthly)

Provides staff with easy access to the organization OKRs, their colleagues' OKRs and team and department OKRs

Track progress towards objectives via metrics-based key results

Configurable options for goal alignment - to manager, team, department or organization OKRs

Effortless bottom-up goal alignment and optional top-down goal cascading

Access Dashboards for insights of progress across teams, departments and the entire organization

Facilitate regular goal status updates through weekly check-ins

Use check-ins to create a culture of coaching

Start and track conversations around any goal across the organization

Peer recognition platform that helps establish a praise culture

360 Feedback system with optional ratings on values, skills or drivers.

Optional planner integration

Single sign-on support for Okta, MS Azure AD, IBM Cloud Identity, Auth0 and any other SAML authentication provider

SCIM-based user provisioning and de-provisioning, compatible with Okta and MS Azure Active Directory

Enable integrations for automatically updating key result progress