Encourage behaviors that reinforce your company's core values

Peer feedback and recognition platform that helps reward key behaviours to drive your business forward.

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How does it work?

With Workteam feedback, you can build a culture of praise in your organization. Your staff can send public messages of praise to recognise both big achievements and small wins made by their colleagues. They can also request and send private, constructive feedback to reinforce and guide good behaviours.

Companies that properly recognise the achievements of their staff are far more likely to retain them. When praise and feedback is done correctly, employees are more motivated and engaged.

60 Second Explainer

A properly implemented feedback and recognition platform can drive employee motivation

A simple 'thank you' or 'high five' goes a long way. Staff that feel well recognised for their efforts are more motivated and more likely to stat with the organization.

By providing a platform for feedback you encourage sharing of knowledge and experiences between employees in a really positive and helpful way.

When both big achievements and small wins are celebrated and well recognised, levels of staff retention increase.


Let staff give feedback based on desired values and skills

Workteam lets you define categories for core values, company drivers or required team skills and then lets your staff provide feedback based on those criteria.

Optionally, your staff can rate their peers based on these criteria.

Employees can request feedback from their manager or peers

Staff can request feedback from specific people, who they may feel are the right people to learn from.

Include ratings with feedback, based on defined categories

Let your staff optionally rate each other on feedback categories and then view their progress from the dashboard.

Encourage a culture of praise

Give praise publicly to recognise well deserved achievements. Staff can interact socially through likes and comments.

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Pricing & Packages

Professional Edition
USD/User/Month (billed monthly)
or included free as part of the Goal Management module

360 Feedback and praise system with optional ratings on values, skills or drivers.

Customizable feedback categories

Optional rating of feedback based around categories

Configure who can give praise and feedback to whom

Configure who can see whose praise and feedback

View team and individual ratings at an admin level

Social features to increase engagement

Single sign-on support for Okta, MS Azure AD, IBM Cloud Identity, Auth0 and any other SAML authentication provider

SCIM-based user provisioning and de-provisioning, compatible with Okta and MS Azure Active Directory