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Workteam User Guide

Welcome to Workteam. Workteam provides your organization with a variety of tools for improving collaboration within your teams to help increase productivity.

Goal Management
Workteam Goal Management helps employees plan and align their goals with corporate objectives. It gives managers and leaders within the organization valuable insights into progress against team and corporate objectives and encourages greater collaboration and coaching between manager and employee. Click here to get started with Goal Management


Time & Attendance
Workteam Time & Attendance provides features for managing time off, overtime and recording time worked within your organization. It lets you request time off from your manager and keeps a record of what you have requested and your remaining time off balances. It also enables you to view a time off calendar showing both your requested time off and the upcoming time off of other members in your team. Additionally, if your organization requires you to do so, you may submit your hours worked each week through a simple timesheet. Click here to get started with Time & Attendance.


Weekly Check-ins
Workteam Check-ins provides a framework for you to update your manager on your progress each week. It is also a great tool to bring important issues to the attention of your manager, giving you the platform you need to get your job done. Click here to find out how to get started with Workteam Check-ins.


360° Feedback
Workteam Feedback lets you publicly recognise great work done by your colleagues. You can also request or give specific, non-public feedback to your colleagues so that they can learn from your valuable knowledge and experiences. Click here to find out how to get started with Workteam Feedback.


Work Management
Workteam Planner is a great tool for helping teams to plan and track their work. Plan tasks, build a team, assign work and monitor progress. Click here to find out how to get started with Workteam Planner.


Administrator's Guide
Understand how to create an account, import users and administer the various features within Workteam. Click here for more information.