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Viewing Company Goals

Workteam gives you access to your organization’s OKRs and long term goals. The organization’s goals serve as a reminder of the strategic direction of the company.

You can access the Organization OKRs by selecting Organization OKRs under the OKRs menu item in the left hand menu pane.

Under the title of each goal you may see several bulleted points. These are the key results, which must hold true in order for the goal to be considered achieved.

The list of company OKRs will be accessible to you throughout the entire goal period. When you come to set your own goals, you should try and align each of your goals with one of these company objectives, either directly, or by aligning with one of your manager’s objectives, which directly or indirectly aligns with the appropriate company objective. Depending upon how Workteam has been configured for your organization, you may also be able to align with a departmental OKR or a team OKR.

If your organization publishes long term goals, such as annual goals, then these will be shown above the Organization OKRs. You cannot align your own OKRs with long term goals, but they are useful to understand the longer term organizational strategy.