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Colleague Time Off Notifications

By default, Workteam emails you at the end of each week to let you know if you have colleagues that have time off the following week.

‘Colleagues’ includes your manager, anyone who is managed by your manager and anyone you manage.

You will also see a list of colleagues who have any time off over the next 7 days in your dashboard.

Colleague time off options

If you prefer not to be emailed about colleague’s time off each week, then untick the Weekly summary of colleague time off next week check box in the My Profile > Settings page.

If you prefer not to be shown colleague’s time off in the dashboard, then untick the Notify me when colleagues have time off next week check box.

Time off notifications about other users

If you wish to be notified about other users or groups of users that do not fall into the above definition of colleagues, then you can tick the Notify me when the following users & groups have time off next week check box and start typing the first few characters of the person’s or group’s name that you want to be notified about. For this feature to work, the Workteam account administrator must enable the setting Allow everyone to see everyone else’s time off calendars in the organization settings.