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Submitting a Check-in

Each week, Workteam will prompt you to complete a check-in and submit it to your manager. The check-in is based on questions that your manager has configured in Workteam.

To complete your check-in, select Check-in / Current from the left-hand menu pane. Workteam will show a list of questions, ready for you to complete.

A check-in can comprise several different types of questions. Some questions may require a textual answer, others may require a Yes/No or a numeric response. Others may require you to choose from a list of possible responses.

For each textual question, click the box titled +Add new answer and enter your answer to the question. If another +Add new answer box appears below as you start typing and if it makes sense to do so, try to split your answer into several boxes, which will make it easier for someone reviewing your check-in to read.

Your answers will be automatically saved, so you can start your check-in and come back to it later and your answers will persist.