Keep your remote staff engaged and productive with regular check-ins

Weekly staff check-in software that will help align, focus and engage your remote workforce.

World class companies are engaging their local and remote teams using Workteam Check-ins

Samaritan Health
Storage Vault
Brigade Bookkeeping
Pfluger Architects
HSR Canada
Kerogen Capital
Twin City Die Castings

How does it work?

By prompting your staff to answer just 5 questions each week, Workteam helps your remote employees to start a coaching conversation with their manager. Managers get a clear update of progress made by their remote employees on a regular basis and they get an opportunity to help the employee overcome any obstacles preventing them from achieiving their goals.

Employee productivity is strongly linked to engagement and when managers interact with their remote staff around their work in an effective way, those employees are nearly 3 times more likely to be engaged.

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Check-in software to simplify the management of remote staff

Regular communications around progress of work provides managers with clear insights into the big wins and the obstacles that the team are facing.

Staff that work remotely can feel isolated from their manager and other members of the team. Regular check-ins help them feel less isolated and more intune with team activities.

Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth.

Check-ins enable team members to collaborate around any issue raised during a check-in.


Improve managers' visibility into their teams

''Workteam has given me insights into the team that I did not have before.''

Tasi Gottschlag, Chief Operating Officer at Keela

Customizable questions to start a coaching conversation

Use the standard set of questions designed to start valuable coaching conversations or include your own questions at an organizational level and at a managerial level.

Bring several employees into a collaborative discussion around a topic or obstacle

Through mentions and other social features, you can bring several people into a discussion around a particular topic.

Manage team check-ins effortlessly

See which team members have submitted check-ins and review those check-ins from a single page.

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Pricing & Packages

Professional Edition
USD/User/Month (billed monthly)
or included free as part of the Goal Management module

Configurable questions

Configurable cadence of check-ins, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly

Provides a framework for coaching conversations

Customize report questions at an organizational and managerial level

Increase employee participation through social features

View historic reports

Social features to increase engagement

Optional integration with Goal Management module

Single sign-on support for Okta, MS Azure AD, IBM Cloud Identity, Auth0 and any other SAML authentication provider

SCIM-based user provisioning and de-provisioning, compatible with Okta and MS Azure Active Directory