Focus and engage your staff with Workteam Reports

Enable your managers to coach their employees

By prompting your staff to answer just 5 questions each week, Workteam helps your employees to start a coaching conversation with their manager. Not only does each manager get a clear update of progress made by their employee for the week, they also get an opportunity to help the employee overcome any obstacles preventing them from achieiving their goals.

Employee productivity is strongly linked to engagement and when managers interact with their employees around their work in an effective way, their employees are nearly 3 times more likely to be engaged.

Workteam Reports provides 5 questions your managers can use to start an effective conversation, but each manager can add, remove or modify the questions so that they are appropriate for their own teams.

Employees submit their reports at the end of each week and managers take just a few minutes to review each report, commenting on answers where appropriate in order to coach their employees towards successful outcomes.

Improve team engagement

Workteam helps employees stay focused on the goals they are striving to achieve and makes it easier for your managers to track and monitor their team's progress.

There is general agreement within companies that increased employee engagement drives business outcomes and influence from colleagues is high because engagement levels of colleagues is infectious.

Through the use of social features, such as likes and mentions, Workteam helps team members to interact more deeply with each other, in ways that they are familiar with, promoting increased team awareness and collaboration and engaging them to work together more closely as a team.

Measure employee satisfaction

It is far easier to retain staff if they are satisfied in their current role. But employee satisfaction levels can change very quickly and it is important to have a clear up-to-date understanding of those levels.

By building in the appropriate question into Workteam Reports, your managers can monitor, on a weekly basis, the satisfaction levels of their entire organization through a single dashboard.


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