OKR based goal management

Updating OKR progress with Check-ins

An important aspect of managing goals is keeping their progress up to date. Unless prompted to do so, employees tend to neglect this task and so Workteam uses a feature called 'check-ins' to encourage them to update their progress.

Check-ins are essentially a customizable set of questions, which Workteam will prompt each employee to complete on a weekly basis. Questions can range from textual-based coaching conversation style questions, such as 'What big things did you achieve this week' or 'What obstacles did you encounter and how do you plan to overcome them'. These questions encourage a valuable dialog to be started between manager and employee.

Check-ins may also include an 'update goal' question. This question provides a convenient way for staff to update the status of their goals and the metrics behind each of their key results.

Once an employee has answered each question and updated their goals, they will submit the check-in to their line manager who will then be able to comment on any of the employees answers and updates. Other employees may also be mentioned in any of the answers or comments in a check-in and this will cause Workteam to notify them and bring them into the conversation.

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