OKR based goal management

OKR Alignment in Workteam

Goal planning within an organization is most powerful when goals may be both cascaded down and aligned upwards. Workteam provides for both types of alignment.

Providing your employees with the autonomy to define their own goals and align them with a higher-level goal encourages more 'buy-in' from your employees and results in higher levels of engagement.

You control how employees can align their goals, whether they align up through their manager hierarchy, with department or team goals or direct to the top level organization OKRs, and you can even let them choose.

Goals may also be cascaded downwards through the organization. Workteam lets goal setters break goals down into sub objectives and then assign those sub objectives to individuals, who may themselves further break down and cascade the goal.

Once goals are aligned, the progress of any goal may be calculated based on the progress of the goals that align to it. Anyone can navigate the alignment map of a goal and see which goals align to it and how they are progressing.

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