Workteam Checkins

Weekly Check-ins to Maximise Employee Performance

With Workteam Weekly Check-ins you can establish a weekly rhythym of communication between a manager and their employees.

When employees meet regularly with their manager about their work, they are 3 times more likely to be engaged and become considerably more productive. In fact, many high performing companies use automated weekly check-ins for their employee performance reviews.

By prompting employees to answer a few core questions each week, Workteam helps to create an important cadence of communication between employee and manager, where progress on goals and objectives can be discussed and obstacles overcome.

Workteam can encourage your employees to revisit their goals on a weekly basis, and provides managers with a framework for coaching their employees, helping drive higher levels of morale and engagement.

As the trend towards teleworking increases, managers are finding it harder and harder to engage with their remote employees. Workteam helps managers to effectively coach their remote employees despite the geographic hurdles.

Weekly Check-ins to Maximise Employee Performance


Connects your workforce
Weekly check-ins provide social features that empower teams to collaborate in order to meet objectives.

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