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Coaching Conversations to Maximise Employee Performance

Managers who regularly meet with their employees to help coach them are 3 times more likely to have highly engaged employees. The importance of establishing a weekly rhythym of communication between a manager and their employees is a critical part of creating a high performing team.

By prompting employees to answer a few core questions each week, Workteam helps to create an important cadence of communication between employee and manager, where progress on goals and objectives can be discussed and obstacles overcome.

Some of the world's most successful organizations, such as Microsoft and GE have replaced the annual performance appraisal with Coaching conversations. Only 25% of employees and managers believe that the annual appraisal process works. Coaching conversations offer several distinct advantages over the annual appraisal process. Firstly, feedback is more timely. One of the big problems with the annual appraisal is that there is a potential time bias associated with feedback.

Many employees will only be able to recollect activity from the last 3 months and any feedback given for events prior to that might be seen as more criticism rather than constructive feedback as it has little benefit for the employee in terms of correcting their behaviour. Frequent on-going coaching conversations are far more relevant and impactful for the employee and feedback is considered useful and taken on board more readily.

As the trend towards teleworking increases, managers are finding it harder and harder to engage with their remote employees. Workteam helps managers to effectively coach their remote employees despite the geographic hurdles.

Coaching Conversations to Maximise Employee Performance


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