Empower your managers to successfully coach their employees

Workteam provides an effective framework to facilitate coaching conversations

Transform your managers into coaches

Research shows that when employees are coached effectively, they are 3 times more likely to be engaged and become considerably more productive.

Facilitate great coaching conversations

Workteam Reports prompts employees to start a conversation with their manager each week by answering a few simple questions about their work.

By creating an ongoing coaching conversation around an employee's progress, barriers can be removed, opportunities can be seized and expectations can be adjusted when circumstances change.

Simplify the management of remote workers

Managing remote workers is always a challenge for managers, but Workteam Reports can help managers keep in regular contact with each remote worker, ensuring they remain focused, mentored and part of the team.


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Track employee time off and hours worked.
Empower managers to coach employees.
Collaborative work management for teams.
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Personal information consent management for GDPR compliance.

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Transform your managers into coaches and make your teams more productive with Workteam Reports

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