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New Employee On-boarding

Every step of the on-boarding process is important for a new employee, from the week before they begin right through to the end of their first year. Ordering and configuring computer equipment, setting up IT accounts, configuring a workspace, adding the employee to relevant email lists; all of these, and more, are critical to making your new starter feel settled and valued during their first few weeks.

Different people within your organization will be involved in ensuring that all of the items on the on-boarding checklist get completed. Workteam can help prompt the relevant staff with what they need to do and when.

Workteam's Planner may be configured to create an 'on-boarding template' that is specific to how your company on-boards new employees, including all the check lists and task assignments needed for each new starter. A new plan may be created for each new starter, based on this on-boarding template, giving everyone involved a clear idea of what has been completed and when.

New Employee On-boarding

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